The first thing that comes to mind about Maui is that it is extremely beautiful! It is very laid back with quaint, small towns and plenty of sights to see. While in Maui we stayed at the Sheraton and it was gorgeous. The whole foyer is open with a great view of the ocean and … Continue reading Maui

Lincoln, NH

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Lincoln, NH. I grew up going here a lot with my family in the summer and for skiing, but I hadn’t been in years. I forgot how much fun it is there! Loon Mountain is a huge attraction if you like to ski in the winter. … Continue reading Lincoln, NH

What Age?

I know I have written a post on this before, but it came up again on my recent vacation to the Caribbean. My friends and I went on a cruise and we kept seeing little kids and teenagers (there are a lot of kids older than that as well) but my friend said she would … Continue reading What Age?


When I was younger, I went to Alaska for two weeks on a family vacation. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Alaska is not just one big sheet of ice. In the summer, it can get warm there and is actually filled with forests. When we went in July (I watched the 4th of July fireworks … Continue reading Alaska

Key West, FL

My boyfriend and I went to Key West a few months ago and loved it! It’s such a great place and has the #3 most visited tourist spot in the U.S.- the Southernmost Point of the continental U.S. I wasn’t sure what to expect down there. I had heard so many different things about it … Continue reading Key West, FL


When I was seven I took a two week trip to Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Nevada. Today’s post I’m going to talk about Arizona. We went to the Petrified Forest, best known for globally significant Late Triassic fossils and multi-hued Chinle Formation. We also took a hike through the painted desert which encompasses over 93,500 … Continue reading Arizona