Lincoln, NH

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Lincoln, NH. I grew up going here a lot with my family in the summer and for skiing, but I hadn’t been in years. I forgot how much fun it is there!

Loon Mountain is a huge attraction if you like to ski in the winter. It is a big mountain with great trails, but is meant more for intermediate skiers. In the summer, they have ziplining, hiking trails and is right off of the Kancamangus highway.

We went to Loon Mountain and hung out by the river and climbed on the rocks. We then went to Alpine Adventures to go off roading and ziplining!

With off roading, you ride in vehicles called Pinzgauers. They were crazy! At times we would be looking as if we were going to flip over or go head first into a really steep hill and we would just fly right over them. They had a few stops throughout the tour where you can get off and take some pictures.

We then went to a little cafe for lunch called Gypsy Cafe. I definitely recommend their desserts. Everything on the menu looked delicious, but we ended up getting the deep fried brownies with hot fudge and ice cream. Delicious!

We then went ziplining, also at Alpine Adventures. This was so much fun!

You do five zips and some are long than others and some are steeper than others. The last one they make you stand backwards with your heels two inches off the platform and jump. They have the cord slacked so you free fall for about 15-20 feet then your harness catches you. This is the description about our tour we did:

“Begin your descent from 50′ up in a pine tree insideTreewalk Village, with spectacular views of the western Whites. Ride the dual ziplines, racing your friends, to Area 51, Hemlock Walk and the Montego Bay Express. SkyRider includes 5 ziplines and 5 suspended bridges, ranging from 800′ to 1600′ long and 200′ above the ground. Top off your adventure with “White Knuckle Pine,” an 80′ drop and zip speeds of up to 50 mph.”

You had spectacular views when you were up there and the guides were hilarious. They kept you laughing throughout the whole thing. The suspended bridges going from tree to tree was actually more terrifying than the actual zipline! I would definitely do this tour again.

We stayed at the Indian Head Resort which was beautiful! They have a pool and a lake overlooking the mountains. On the lake you can take out paddle boats or fish. The dining room overlooks the mountains as well with floor to ceiling windows. We went there for breakfast and I highly recommend the hash browns and pancakes!

We went to the top of the watch tower at the hotel and saw some amazing views. It was only fifty cents!

For dinner though, we went to the Woodstock Tavern, which was also good!

Sunday, we went to a little antiques store which had some interesting stuff.

We then went to Flume Gorge which was amazing! It was about a 2.5 mile hike through the woods and you see a few different things throughout it. For example, a waterfall and a “pool”. You will see pictures below. It was only $15 a person, which isn’t bad considering the beautiful views.

For lunch we went to Margaritas which had incredible guacamole. Udderly delicious had good ice cream as well.

From my past experience in Lincoln, there are a few other activities such as the Polar Caves, where you can climb through rock formations made from glaciers. Other attractions are: The Tramway on Cannon Mountain, The Gondola on Loon Mountain, Moose tours, Clark’s Trading Post, dinner trains, snowmobile rentals in the winter, Hobo Railroad mini golf, Whales Tale Water Park and Georgiana Falls.

I think it’s good to visit places in your own backyard! Don’t you?

Enjoy some pictures below!

485 Loon Mountain490 502 Inside Pinzgauer503 506 507 508 ziplining cable510 514 515 516 517 519 Pinzgauer520 523 525 527 536 ziplining!537

ziplining platform 546 549 views from the top of the watch tower at our hotel

550 552 555 556 561

Flume Gorge Walk pictures:

562564 569 “The Table”

571 572 574 576 578 582 586 590 591 592 594 598 600 604 605 “The Pool”609

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