What Age?

I know I have written a post on this before, but it came up again on my recent vacation to the Caribbean. My friends and I went on a cruise and we kept seeing little kids and teenagers (there are a lot of kids older than that as well) but my friend said she would never bring her kids on a cruise. I thought about it and I think I can see why parents would do it. I have been on cruises when I was around 13 and 17 and loved it.

Cruises are a great way of seeing numerous islands in one trip, but cruises also do a great job of providing many activities for kids of all ages and I think they offer babysitting for little kids as well. I think it’s a perfect way to go on a family vacation!

Cruises have built in activities at night and during the day to keep your kids busy. It allows you to have time with your significant other alone and do activities geared towards parents. Your kids also can’t go very far, I mean they are in the middle of the ocean! They can’t get into trouble.

Anyway, this got me thinking. What age would you start bringing your kid on a big trip? Not just a weekend down the cape or to New Hampshire but something far away. My first “big” trip was at 7 years old and I remember all of it. My answer would be 7 years old for a big trip. I grew up going to Disney World every year because I have family down there, but even if I didn’t remember every moment of it, while I was there I was undeniably happy. I think bringing kids on small trips or to places made for kids such as Disney World is great. You can take pictures and see them laughing and smiling. Even if they won’t remember it, it’s ok because it’s Disney World not the Painted Desert! Then, when kids start developing their memory better, bring them on a big trip. Start them traveling early!

I want to know what you think! What age do you think is good to start bringing kids on “big” trips?

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