Key West, FL

My boyfriend and I went to Key West a few months ago and loved it! It’s such a great place and has the #3 most visited tourist spot in the U.S.- the Southernmost Point of the continental U.S.

I wasn’t sure what to expect down there. I had heard so many different things about it before I went and had no picture in my head. For example, even though it’s an island, there are no real beaches on the island. They did make a man made beach that stretches about a quarter of a mile long. I pictured a picturesque island similar to Marco Island but it’s a hustle and bustle town that has a lot of fun tourist things to do.

I recommend:

Kermits, it has so many key lime pie products like key lime wine, key lime steak sauce, the list goes on. It also has chocolate dipped key lime pie! Delicious.


Mangia Mangia- a small Italian restaurant a few streets away from Duval Street. It was amazing. My boyfriend and I went back to it two nights in a row and both got the same dish! Everything is made from scratch- all of the pasta, sauce, cheese, etc.

Commotion on the Ocean Tour- we took a catamaran tour at sunset where they have a live band and unlimited drinks and appetizers. It was so fun! A great way to see the sunset.


Duval Street- the main drag of the island with restuarants, clubs, bars and shops. I really liked Duval St. there is something always going on and it feels like the bars never close…well they kind of don’t! They are open until 4 a.m. and open back up at 7 a.m.

Ultimate Island Tour- this is a 28 mile jetski tour around the island. We went on a sandbar in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, saw dolphins and got to ride a jetski at over 40 miles an hour!

Southermost Point- Definitely something to go see! It’s the southernmost point in the Continental U.S. and only 90 miles from Cuba. As I said earlier, it is the #3 tourist attraction in the U.S. so there is a line at all times…only a few minutes though so definitely wait! People are always willing to take your picture.


Trolley Tour- a 2 hour tour around the island on an old trolley. We loved this. It is 2 hours from start to finish but they have stop off points throughout the island so we could get off at a stop and stay there for as long as we wanted because the next trolley would come overy 30 minutes or so. This tour ended up taking us 8 hours! We saw the whole island!


Scooters- as you will see when you are there, it’s their main mode of transportation and you can rent them out if you want. We rented two and used them the entire weekend. Definitely worth it! It was scary at first but then after you get the hang of it we didn’t want to stop!


Hemingway House- we didn’t go see this but we drove by it. It was Ernest Hemingway’s old house. It was beautiful!

Rt. 1- For us living on the East Coast, we know that Rt. 1 is a staple of our daily commute. Key West is the last mile of Rt. 1!


They also had a lighthouse, the President’s house that he stays in while he is there (used to be the port Cubans had to cross through- if I remember correctly.)

Below are some more pictures of our trip!


I loved Key West and would love to go back soon! Do you have any other things you love about this island? Tell me in the comments!

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