10 Tips for Beach Vacations

I saw this article in Yahoo! Travel and wanted to share. Do you have any other tips? I have one tip to share. When you get to a hotel on the beach, they tend to rent out chairs and umbrellas. The chair and umbrella cost a lot and if you are going to the beach…


“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment” – Hilaire Belloc

Stop Working on Vacation!

If you read yesterday’s blog post, then you know that vacation can help keep you happy and will actually increase productivity at work. When you are on vacation, you should completely unplug! Unfortunately, that is not a reality for many people. It’s sad and I think it’s harmful. When I am on vacation, I don’t…

Positive Affects of Travel

I saw this article in Asian Hospitality today. I loved it and wanted to share. I couldn’t agree more that vacationing brings together families. As you know, I have gone on at least two-four weeks of family vacations a year growing up and those are definitely some of my most vivid memories I’ve ever had. …


“You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world” – William Hazlitt

Duty Calls

I saw this sign in Miami a few months ago. I love it!


The first thing that comes to mind about Maui is that it is extremely beautiful! It is very laid back with quaint, small towns and plenty of sights to see. While in Maui we stayed at the Sheraton and it was gorgeous. The whole foyer is open with a great view of the ocean and…