Gruyeres, Switzerland

Gruyeres is a quaint mountain town in southwestern Switzerland. When we got there, I felt like I stepped into the book Heidi!  The town is famous for its chocolate and cheese (yum!) and the perfect size for a day trip. If you are staying in Montreux, it’s really easy to get to here from there.

Eat at Le Chalet Cafe

This restaurant specializes in traditional cuisine, such as fondue and raclette, and the food is delicious. I ate that entire block of cheese to myself! My husband had mac and cheese fondue and that was also delicious. It is one of the busiest restaurants in the town, so make sure you make a reservation!

Take a tour of Gruyeres Castle

Dating back to the 13th century, it was originally owned by the Counts of Gruyeres. It then changed ownership a few times before becoming a museum. Make sure you walk through every room, go out on to every balcony (the views are amazing!), and through the exterior ramparts.

Walk through the town

Filled with little shops and restaurants, this city is charming and will make you feel like you stepped back in time. Try out some local cheese, wine, and chocolate (at Chocolaterie de Gruyeres)!

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