What to Do in Bermuda

This past New Year’s Eve, my family and I went to the island of Bermuda. Such a great decision!

We stayed at the Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel – a perfect location in the middle of the island and just a short ferry ride away from Hamilton (the main city). The hotel had two restaurants (a third one is located on the golf course), a golf course, and tennis court.


The first day there we went to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and it was amazing! Built in 1844, this lighthouse has some of the most stunning views on the island. Standing at 117 feet and made from cast iron, you can walk up 185 steps and walk out on the ledge.

We then went to La Trattoria Restaurant for dinner. Highly recommend! We then went for more drinks at Flanagan’s Irish Pub.

The next morning we take a cab ride to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves (underground caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites!) which I highly recommend to every person visiting Bermuda. The Crystal Caves were actually found by a young boy who lost a cricket ball that fell into a bush and disappeared. He crawled down into this cave! I recommend talking the Crystal AND Fantasy Cave tours as the two couldn’t be more different. See pictures below.

Fantasy Caves Pictures:

Crystal Cave Pictures:

We then walked around St. George before going back to our room to get ready for NYE.

That night it was New Year’s Eve and we went to Cafe Lido at Elbow Bay Beach Resort. We had a five course meal and sat overlooking the ocean. It was amazing!

The next morning we relaxed by the hotel pool and in the afternoon took the hotel’s shuttle to their partner hotel’s beach (Coco Reef).

While we didn’t have much time this trip, our previous trip was 7 days long and you can read my previous blog posts here:

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