Castle in the Clouds

If you are traveling to New Hampshire, one place you must visit is Castle in the Clouds! What is Castle in the Clouds? Well, it’s a 16-room mansion sitting atop a mountain in Moultonborough. Its land stretches more than 5,000 acres!

Once you buy tickets and pass through the front gate, you will drive up the mountain. There are stops along the way including lookout points, hiking trails, and waterfalls. You then park by the carriage house, which has been renovated into a restaurant. If you have nice weather, definitely sit on the patio! It has amazing views.

Then from there you can catch a trolley (at designated times) up to the “castle”. Unlike most tours, you do not go from room to room with a group, but rather sit and hear the history first and then they allow you to explore the mansion on your own. There are employees stationed throughout the house to answer any questions you may have.

Check out the spectacular views!

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