The Flamingo, Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a guest post from my twin sister Nicole:

If you are looking to go to Vegas you really don’t need to go for more than a few days. However, that also depends on what you are looking for.

If you want to see shows and the sights then you can go for up to a week and fit your whole activity list in. If you would like to go just to party and get away then 3 days is all you need.

I recently went to Vegas with a large group of friends and it was a lot of fun! I am 25 years old and we were just looking for a good getaway to party it up in the sunshine! We were there from Wednesday to Saturday morning. We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel.

In my cab ride to the hotel the cab driver told me that the Flamingo has one of the top 5 pool parties in Vegas and  it definitely lived up to that statement. They had a DJ going everyday starting at around 10 am and stayed til the pool closed at around 6 pm.

They also had an MC who hosted a booty shaking contest and cannonball contest! So silly. There were frisbees and footballs to use while in the pool. They had drink specials up the wazoo. You could get special pink cups that were made of thick plastic and had a white plastic straw with the Flamingo logo on them for around $20 and special drink inside. After you finished the drink you could get it refilled for a lower cost with just the liquor drink inside (there was a list of drink options to choose from).

They had a decent sized food menu you could order from and many waitresses coming around to get you whatever you needed. BUT you need to get to the pool early to get seats! There is a line out the door.

We woke up everyday at 8am just to get in line. Once the pool opened, the line went fast, but people try to save too many seats and it becomes hectic. At night it is fun to walk around and see the other hotels on the strip. We went to the Aria, MGM Grand and watched the Bellagio fountain show. The Flamingo also had a monorail that takes you around the city with numerous stops to get off and on.

The Flamingo had a few restaurants and bars. There was Carlos and Charlies which had some fun dance music at night and had an indoor and outdoor section, Center Cut Steakhouse (which we did not try), and Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. Margaritaville is probably what it’s most well known for. It has a second floor that is open-air and you can see all of Vegas from it.

Lastly, the weather in May was PERFECT! During the day it was in the mid to high 80’s and at night it was low 80s high 70s. I was able to wear a dress and didnt even need to bring a sweater with me. I will be going back next week, in January, and will tell you how it is in winter time!

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