What to Wear in Bermuda

Unlike most islands, Bermuda is more on the classy side and you definitely have to make sure you have everything you need when packing. This post will help you figure out what to wear in Bermuda.

Obviously, in the summer it’s going to be hot. The hottest months being from May-November. The winter months will be still be warm, but will average around 60 degrees. Therefore, when it comes to packing, make sure you pack what you feel comfortable in in warm to hot weather.

However, when traveling to the beaches there, unlike in America, you can’t wear skimpy shorts and just a bikini top or just board shorts. While you are at the beach, you are okay but when going somewhere before or after, make sure you have a cover up such as a dress or if you want to wear shorts, make sure you wear a shirt too.

Casual clothes can be worn at lunch in most restaurants, but many restaurants (especially in Hamilton) and nightclubs ask men to wear a jackets at night. If you are not sure, call ahead and ask.

The culture there is definitely affluent and when putting outfits together, think classy and elegant. Men who live there tend to wear Bermuda shorts, knee-high socks, loafers and a nice polo so when visiting pack khaki shorts, button ups or collared shirts with nice shoes for going out to dinner. If going to an especially fancy restaurant you might want to consider packing a blazer. Women tend to wear nice dresses especially when going out to dinner.

Since you will be using a moped to get around the island, pack a jacket, windbreaker or raincoat. We got caught up in a huge rainstorm completely unprepared and we walked around in wet dresses for a few hours.


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