Hilton Hawaiian Village Oahu

If you are heading to Oahu for vacation, make sure you stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Oahu. First off, go between December to May as that is whale watching season and they are all migrating to warmer waters to give birth and nurse their babies.

The hotel is right on the beach and absolutely stunning. It’s also huge! Since it is a resort, it literally has everything you could need right there. We had to sometimes wait for elevators there were so many people and the towers are so tall! (Fun Fact: If you watch Hawaii Five-0, the opening credits shows this hotel and the big mural on the side of the tower we stayed in. There is a picture below.)

The resort has a beautiful lagoon that has small fish and you can rent paddleboards, rafts and other gear to hang out in there. There were numerous bars and restaurants as well as a small shopping mall with stores such as Coach, Gucci and other retailers as well as an ice cream store right across the street and cute diners.

There is a fireworks show around the pool every Friday night. It is so cool! The men in the show climb these huge palm trees right in front of you in their bare feet and there is music, fire, fire twirling and dancing. We got to experience this the first night on the island so it was a great way to kick off our vacation! You can also sign up for a traditional starlight Luau where you get more than just the show but a full dinner, conch shell blowing challenge, dancing, etc.

There are five pools so you can always find one to sit at and soak in the sun. One pool has a waterslide!

As you walk through the 22 acre big resort, you come across Koi ponds, swans, flamingos and even African penguins!

The beach is beautiful and amazing for watching the sun set. From the beach you can also see the Diamond Head Crater.

Below are a few pictures of the Hilton Hawaiian Village:

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