Top 11 Things You MUST do in Bermuda

While you are in Bermuda you HAVE to do these things!  

1. Rent a bike from Oleanders! You can’t rent a car there and this is a perfect way to get around the island. We were there for 8 days and only had to refill the gas tank once for 5 dollars. We used the moped at least 6 times a day and saved hundreds of dollars by not using taxis.

2. Go golfing at the Fairmont Southampton! It is a great Par 3 course with amazing views. 



3. Go to the beach! With numerous beaches on the island, there is a beach for every personality. Did I mention…there is pink sand?! Beautiful. 




4. Go to St. George’s and walk around. It is the capital and very quaint. There are tons of restaurants and shops that can keep you occupied for hours. 


5. Stop by the Unfinished Cathedral. This place makes you feel like you are in Ancient Greece. It is very quiet and makes you wonder why they stopped building it! 



6. St. Peter’s Church. The oldest church in the Western Hemisphere. Even if you are not religious, it is cool to see how it was built and you can still smell the cedar. 


7. Crystal Caves. This is one amazing phenomenon. Two kids were playing cricket when they found this cave decades ago. Imagine that! It is a subterranean cavern with stalagmites, stalactites and clear pools. 



8. Dolphin Quest. This was such a cool experience! I highly recommend going and and swimming with them. They are amazing creatures who are so gentle and love human interaction. You can kiss them too!

9. Sunset catamaran tour. You get free drinks (Rum Swizzles) while you sit on the front of the catamaran watching the sun set over the ocean. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and pointed out some really interesting facts. The sunset over the water was the inspiration for the “yellow brick road” in the Wizard of Oz. 



10. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. You can see spectacular views of the island from here. 

11. Find a moongate! They are good luck to honeymooners and are beautiful. 


Do you have any other places you recommend? Share below!

I will also post another blog on top restaurants, reviews and beaches on the island later. 

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