Best Restaurants in Bermuda

The Swizzle

Whether it’s The Swizzle or The Swizzle Inn, these two restaurants are the staple of Bermuda. This has mostly American food like burgers and chicken fingers. While you are there make sure to get a Rum Swizzle or a Dark N Stormy!


Barracuda Grill

This is a very nice restaurant so make sure to dress up nicely! It is in the heart of Hamilton and is known for its seafood and steak.

Cafe Amicci

This Italian restaurant is located in the Dockyards and the food was amazing. I wanted to go back again later in the week, but it was a long ride from our hotel.

The Frog and the Onion

I recommend going here for drinks! They are the only bar on the island that serves Bermuda beer. I’m pretty picky with beer and it was really good!


Tavern By The Sea

This is in St. George and sits right on the water. We went there twice while we were in Bermuda. It has mostly American and Italian food.



Lido is part of the Elbow Bay Beach Resort and is also very fancy. It is a steakhouse and the dining room has huge windows so you can see right out onto the beach below.


This is also part of the Elbow Bay Beach Resort but is down on the beach. It is all outside and right on the sand. It is not a typical beach bar where you can wear your bathing suit so make sure to still dress nice!


Bone Fish

This is in the Dockyard as well and had delicious food. I got the tortellini pesto and it was good!

Sea Breeze Lounge

This is again part of Elbow Bay Beach Resort and is an outdoor lounge with live music that sits between Mickeys and Lido. It is up on a patio that overlooks the beach with low tables and big comfortable chairs. I recommend going on a night where they have Latin music. We loved the DJ that was there the night we went.



Little Venice

This restaurant is in Hamilton and as the name states, all Italian.


The Reefs

This hotel has a few restaurants and we could never get in for dinner as it was so busy, but we went for drinks one night and the view is just unbelievable! It sits on the ocean and you can see right out over the beach and see the moon over the water at night. They also had the DJ we liked there one night and it was really fun. People were dancing on the patio and having a good time.

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