Travel Tip- Research

I love to research before I go on a vacation. You don’t want to be on your way home or on your last day there and you see something you wish you did!

My favorite thing to do is to look on TripAdvisor before I go and plan out the things I want to do and places I want to see. It’s a great way to find restaurants, bars, beaches, attractions, etc.

I also write out a list out all of the things I want to do in a Word document and copy and paste the address underneath it along with anything I should know in particular like when tours run and what days, etc. I do this because I know that once I’m on vacation, I won’t have my phone on and won’t be using a computer so it’s nice to have the address of these places and the hotel etc. all in one place. That way, even if you do use your phone, you don’t have to worry about data charges, roaming charges, draining your battery or looking things up last minute when you get into a cab.

I have friends who have relied on their phone for address information and then their battery dies and they wished they had it written down before hand. I’m learning from other people’s mistakes!

Do you have any other travel tips?

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