St. Thomas, USVI

I have been to St. Thomas twice and it is gorgeous. I recommend going to Magens Bay. It is very serene and not too busy. It’s a small beach with gorgeous views. However, you do have to pay to get on the beach as it’s a nature conservancy. There are bathrooms onsite and a beach bar. It is also great for snorkeling- mostly turtles and tarpon.

There are a ton of other beaches too so I would recommend what kind of beach you want (quiet and serene or busy and closer to your hotel) before you take your trip.

The island is a little quieter than St. Maarten and not as built up. The downtown area is cute and has a lot of old buildings including a prison!

We took an open air taxi that was in the back of a pick-up truck and our driver was great. She took us up to this look-out point to let us get a good view of Magens Bay and let us get out and take pictures.

We did have to pay a small fee of $2 just to get into the city gates and then about $5-$10 for the beach. The taxis take the passengers’ orders to see where they need to drop them off and then make sure they have a few stationed around the island for the visitors.

The roads are very small and windy. Even a taxi ride around the island is exciting!

You can also go to Charlotte Amalie for shopping and dining experiences too. It is beautiful when you are driving and see the city built into the side of the island. (Pictures below).

Where have you gone on the island? Any recommendations?




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