Things to do in Newport, RI

Newport is one of my favorite towns in New England. It’s a town

right on the ocean and famous for it’s historic mansions. I often take a weekend getaways there twice a year and try to do as many day trips as possible throughout the year. Although summer is their “tourist” season, spring and fall offer just as many activities.
Throughout my time there, I have found my favorite things to do. This is what I recommend:
1. Drive down Ocean Drive and take a tour of one of the mansions. With numerous homes to choose from you can’t go wrong with the one you pick – find one that intrigues you. I have taken a tour of the Rosecliff – which is where they filmed the Great Gatsby (the one with Robert Redford) – and the Breakers. I highly recommend the Breakers. Their wealth and opulence is truly astonishing. Each room is aesthetically beautiful – one room even has panels of platinum! I have also eaten lunch at the Elms.

2. Walk through Bowen’s Wharf and down Thames Street. Bowen’s Wharf has great patios and shops and Thames Street also has shops, roof decks and restaurants.

3. Visit one of the many beautiful beaches!

4. Take a walk on the Cliff Walk. There are a few entrance points and as the name sounds, you walk along the cliff with stunning views of the ocean and magnificent homes.

5. Take a tour of Belcourt Castle. Ghost Hunters actually filmed there in Season 5, episode 5.

6. Go to the Newport Winery. Their wine is unique and delicious!

7. Eat at these restaurants: White Horse Tavern, The Landing, The Deck and Sardella’s.

8. Go to Brenton Point State Park. There are giant rock ediface that juts out into the water. Many people fish here or climb on the rocks to watch the waves break.

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