Kennebunkport Food Tour

Recently, I took a food tour through the beautiful town of Kennebunkport, Maine. It’s a town bordering the ocean and quintessentially New England. Boats are floating in the harbor, locals are fishing over bridges, the downtown Main Street is filled with cute shops and family run restaurants – it is awesome.

I hadn’t been there in years and decided to take a food tour. I booked with Maine Foodie Tours and our guide was Wendy. She was outgoing, funny, knowledgable and so sweet.

We started by going to Allison’s, a local family run restaurant in the heart of down town. We ate clam chowder and Wendy discussed the history of the town and the award-winning soup.

Then we went to the Clam Shack. It was so popular! Lines out the front door at 11am! Luckily, since we were on a tour we got to skip the line. In the back we met with a 5th generation employee. Her family has owned it for decades. Here she gave us a lot of interesting facts about lobsters, their restaurant and how the lobster industry in Maine is handled. We then tried fresh lobster. I don’t eat seafood, but from the looks around the room, it was clearly delicious.

We then walked over the bridge where Wendy gave us more local facts and we headed to a brewery. Shipyard! They started in Kennebunkport before creating a second, bigger brewery in Portland. Here we tasted an ale, rye beer and stout. We also had handmade fudge and pretzel beer dip.

We then moved to a local general store and sub shop. Here we ate whoopie pies. They were amazing!

We meandered next door and ate local cheese, sausage and then got to stay for a wine tasting.

From here we went to an amazing store called The Main-ly Drizzle. It’s gourmet olive oil and balsamic dressing. We were able to test all of them and we also had more local cheese and caramel butter. Needless to say we did not leave empty-handed!

Our last stop was an ice cream parlor, Rococo. Wendy gave us background on the store as well as the owner. She has an interesting story! All of the ice cream is home made, locally sourced and extremely delicious. She was also very creative with the flavors. No plain vanilla there! It also is ranked #6 on the top ten ice cream parlors in the country.

We also got a voucher for discounts for all of the places we visited on the tour.

After the tour we went to a patio, David’s KPT, sitting over the river and had some more wine.

I highly recommend this tour. It’s a great way to see the town and eat delicious food!

Check out the pictures below:


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