Christmas in Del Ray Beach, Florida

This year I spent Christmas in Florida which was very different for me as I am used to the cold New England weather, pine trees and snow. This year was very different and I was surprised at how many people were down in Del Ray Beach during the holidays. The weather was beautiful and stayed around 78 degrees all week and sunny.

I stayed at the Marriott and they did such a good job decorating. It was so cute. I definitely recommend this hotel to stay at down there because it is right on the water and in downtown so you are close to the beach, shops and dining. The staff are always so nice and helpful and courteous too.

The town also had a four story tall Christmas tree, an ice skating rink, a manger, an elves house and other cute things for families to go visit on the common.

If you are thinking of coming down here next year for the holidays, book early! Our hotel was at 100% capacity and most of the other hotels were too.

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share:








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