5 Things You Must Do in Key West

If you are heading to Key West, Florida for the first time, here are a few things you have to do!

1. Go to Kermit’s. It’s a key lime shop and is famous for their food. They have key lime wine, BBQ sauce, dips, pie and even soap.

2. Take the Commotion on the Ocean Tour by Fury. It’s a boat tour to see the sunset and they have live music and unlimited drinks. It is a lot of fun.

3. Ultimate Island Tour by Fury. This is a jet ski tour around the island and is 28 miles long. It’s so cool and much better than renting one for an hour. You take a few stops and the guide tells you about the island and marine life.

4. Go to Duvall Street. This is the Main Street of Key West with a ton of bars, restaurants and shops.

5. Take the trolley tour. It’s a 2 hour tour around the island and you can get on and off at any stop you like and the trolley will come by every 40 minutes. It’s a great way to see all the sights and pick which ones you want to have more time at.

Lastly, rent a scooter! It’s scary at first but a great way to get around
the Island and a lot of fun.

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