What to Do in Lausanne, Switzerland

On our Switzerland trip, we planned to spend one day in Lausanne. However, once we were there, we fell in love and changed our plans so we had two nights here! Read my blog post to learn more about what we did while there.

What to Do in Lausanne

Walk along the Ouchy promenade. Situated right along Lac Leman, the views are stunning.

Take an afternoon to sip wine at the Lavaux Wine Terraces. We recommend Domaine Croix Duplex. The views are amazing and the wine is delicious.

Take the metro to Old Town. Here you can see the Lausanne Cathedral and Escaliers du March (a steep staircase that dates back to the 13th century).


Go to Palud Square. Relax with some chocolate and tea at the bakeries here. There is an adorable animated clock that moves every hour. It definitely isn’t nearly as intricate or impressive as other European animated clocks, but I found it cute since we were already there for lunch and we didn’t go out of our way to watch it.

Get a crepe at Creperie D’Ouchy.  We had chocolate and strawberries! Yum!


Go to the Olympic Museum. This was an eye-opening experience. Before this Museum, I enjoyed the Olympics, but this elevated it by providing much more history than I was ever taught in school.

Where to Eat in Lausanne

57° Bar at Chateau D’Ouchy

Beau Rivage Cafe


Where to Stay in Lausanne

Chateau D’Ouchy

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