What to Do in Geneva

Geneva is a wonderful city and is often overlooked when visiting Switzerland, but I think it should be at the top of everyone’s list. Below I provide my recommendations for where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in Geneva.

What to Do in Geneva

  1. Walk the promenade along the water. This was our favorite pastime. The water was beautiful and there is a park at one end which was very popular with locals. The park was always busy with families playing games together, couples having picnics, and friends dranking wine. At every time of day the promenade was also bustling with people. There are also a few patios along the water to get a drink.

  2. See the Jet d’Eau! This is Geneva’s most famous landmark. 130 gallons of water per second is jetted 460 feet into the air! 

  3. Go to the beach! Yes, the beach! In the harbor, they created a beach. It was only a few euros to get in and there is a swimming area, a deck to get drinks, and plenty of seating.
  4. Walk through the Old Town. There were so many chocolate stores, restaurant patios, and shops.

  5. Climb the steps at St. Pierre’s Cathedral. You can choose between the North and South Tower. We chose the North tower and had a beautiful open-air view of the city and lake. It was about 150 steps and steep so make sure you are in good health!

  6. Ride the Ferris Wheel! We took a ride on this at sunset and the views were stunning.

  7. Rent pedal boats. For an hour it was only 20 euros! You can paddle around the harbor. It was awesome to get a different view of the city and it was a nice way to get some sun.

Where to Eat in Geneva

  1. Casanova
  2. La Gondola
  3. Karne



Where to Stay in Geneva

Hotel de la Paix – Ritz Carlton



Hotel Metropole


Hotel President Wilson



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