Best Towns to Visit in Massachusetts

If you are visiting Massachusetts for a vacation, I bet your first two thoughts are the city of Boston and Cape Cod. However, there are many other beautiful towns that you should visit while in this fabulous state.
Best Towns to Visit in Massachusetts:

1. Rockport. This town is quintessential New England with beautiful harbors and marinas and rocky coast lines. While here go to Bearskin Neck, a stretch of old fishermen and lobstermen shacks that have been turned into restaurants, shops and galleries.

2. Lexington and Concord. These two towns were very important in history. Most of their buildings date back to Revolutionary and Colonial times. They also host battle reenactments and are home to beautiful state parks and nature reserves.

3. Brookline – Coolidge Corner is both quaint and bustling. With plenty of shops and restaurants, this town just miles from downtown Boston is a perfect place to visit for those overwhelmed by big cities.

4. Stockbridge – located in Western Mass, this town hosts many resorts and wealthy New Yorkers’ summer homes. However, it is most known for the Norman Rockwell Museum. Imagine picturesque store fronts and a skyline of steeples.

5. Salem – this unique town is famous for its 1692 witch trials, during which a few locals were executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft. They have harbour tours, haunted tours, museums and much more.

6. Newburyport – this coastal town is a historical sea port and old fishing village. With brick-covered storefronts and new restaurants, this town is a beautiful escape from the city.


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