Travel Tip- Plane Rides

When I go on planes I always freeze. It’s so cold! However, I’ve mastered a way of wearing clothes and packing things in my backpack to maximize space and make sure I’m comfortable on the plane and when I land.

When I’m traveling in the summer, I often see people wearing shorts and flip flops. Which is fine, but on the plane you are going to be cold and if you are like me, you find the cold to be unbearable.

What I do when traveling somewhere warm and it’s also warm in Boston (where I’m taking off from) I wear a maxi dress, flip flops, pack a sweater in my backpack AND pack a pair of ankle socks. Once I get in my seat I toss them on. With most of your body heat getting lost through both your head or feet, covering them up will make you that much warmer. When it’s time to get off the plane I take my socks off, put my sweater in my bag and put my flip flops back on and I’m good to go.

When I am traveling from someplace cold to somewhere warm, I wear jeans a sweatshirt and sneakers. You can always use sneakers in warm climates when hiking or doing something active outside so it’s more practical than boots. In my backpack I bring on the plane I pack a dress and flip flops. While I’m waiting for my luggage I quickly change and I can stow my “winter” clothing in my luggage.

Even in warm weather destinations I pack jeans and a sweater because weather can change and restaurants can be overly ACed, so this crosses off two things in one.

Also when I’m coming back from a warm vacation, although it’s hot where you are, you might be landing in snow so I say pack for where you are landing. Other than the drive to the airport, you will be inside a very cold building while waiting for your flight so just wear your jeans, sneakers and tank top to the airport if you are that warm and once inside the airport put on your sweatshirt etc.

What other tips do you have?

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