Everglades Holiday Park

This past weekend I went to Florida and we went to the Everglades Holiday Park by Fort Lauderdale. We took an hour-long airboat tour through the “Gator Boys” (of Animal Planet) company.

We saw four alligators that came right up to our boat, vultures, a blue heron (fun fact: these birds stand at five feet tall and are the number one baby alligator killers), and purple gallinule.

After the tour you can go to an Alligator show where they teach you about the alligators and demonstrate a few examples of how their jaw works and how strong it is and how their eyes work.

If you want to donate $5 you can also hold a baby alligator. Which I did! It was so heavy, I can’t even imagine how heavy it would be to hold and wrestle a big one.

Fun facts:
Alligators swallow their food whole so most young adults don’t view people as prey because we are too big.

They are dangerous but not aggressive animals.

The species is over 150 million years old.

The Everglades is a river that flows about four feet a day, making it the slowest moving river in the U.S.

Here are a few pictures!









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