Where is Your Next Cruise Destination?

Picking a cruise destination can be hard, especially when they all sound appealing! So, I decided to make up a quick quiz to hopefully help make this decision easier.

As a caveat, there are many more locations to visit other than the ones listed below, but I wanted to start with a few simple locations. I also made up the number system for this quiz, so it might not be exactly perfect, but it should work.

Take the quiz below to see which cruise destination is best for your interests! What does your quiz say? Where are you heading to next?

1. Do you want to relax, stay busy or do a little bit of both while in port? 

Relax: 1 point, Stay Busy: 5 points, Both: 3 points

2. Do you want it to be warm weather there no matter the time of year? 

Yes: 1 point, No: 5 points

3. What activities do you want to do while in port? 

Go to the Beach: 1 point, See Historic Landmarks: 5 points, Visit National Parks and be out in Nature: 3 points

Now tally up your scores!

If you got between 1-3 points, you should head to the Bahamas or the Caribbean! With plenty of beaches and warm weather all year round, this is perfect for someone who wants to just sit back relax and read a good book on the beach. If you like to listen to reggae, relax, para-sail, take a banana boat ride or do some shopping at local markets, this is the place for you.

Image  Image

If you got between 4-7 points, you should head to Bermuda or Hawaii! These are warm all year round as well (Bermuda may get slightly colder in the winter months but still stays around 55-60 degrees), however, they offer more than just beautiful beaches! They have plenty of activities and national parks or reservations such as the Haleakala Crater, hiking to waterfalls and through rain forests, seeing the U.S.S. Arizona, going to the Crystal Caves, golfing, etc. These islands have a perfect balance of things to keep you busy as well as beaches for you to take a day or two to relax.

ImageImage   Image

If you got between 8-15 points, you should head to Europe! Although there are a few beaches, Europe offers tourists many historic landmarks and cities to visit. When you visit Europe, you are on the go at all times! Walking through ancient cities, window shopping, experiencing the beautiful architecture and culture, and finding historic landmarks will keep you busy throughout your stay. 


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