7 Ways to Make a Plane Ride More Enjoyable

Let’s be honest, planes are uncomfortable and no one enjoys them. However, you can do a few things to make it a little less uncomfortable:

1. Pack a plane pillow. Yes, those ones everyone laughs at in the airport shops. I have one and love it! I bring it on every plane ride, even the short ones. You can sleep and not wake up with a crick in your neck.

2. If you get motion sick, take Bonine. You only need to take half of one or one depending on the length of the flight and it works for 24 hours and you will get slightly drowsy, but if you really want to stay awake you can fight it. Dramamine I have found just knocks me out cold whether I want to be asleep for not. I prefer Bonine.

3. If you can choose a seat, obviously pick the one you prefer. However, I have found that I like windows (for propping my head against to sleep…if you can’t tell already, I love to sleep on planes) and you usually have more room because the plane curves outward at your shoulders. I also like the aisle because you can stretch your legs out.

4.  Bring music! Every flight has that chatty person sitting a few row behind you that doesn’t understand that people want to sleep or read or just not be bothered by unnecessary conversation. Whenever this happens to me, I just crank the volume up on my music and try to drone them out.

5. Wear comfortable clothing. Remember to pack things for the plane ride too. Everyone wears shorts or a dress and sandals if you are heading to Florida, but the plane ride is freezing! Pack a sweater or socks to keep you warm while in the air. I also like to wear a sweatshirt with a hood to keep me warm and to help block out noise.

6. Pack a book or magazine. If they aren’t showing any TV shows or movies on your flight, you will get bored pretty quickly. Bring an activity book so you aren’t just people watching as the time ticks slowly by. If you are with small children, pack coloring books or a portable DVD set.

7. If you like to get guidebooks before your trip, pack those so you can read through and start to plan things and get excited for your upcoming vacation!

What else do you do to make it more enjoyable?

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