Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Even though this article is a little on the older side I think the tips are timely and can be used at any time! The below article is from TechRepublic. Add any other tips you have in the comments! 10 ways for women to stay safe when traveling alone By┬áSusan Harkins March 21, 2012, … Continue reading Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Safety Tips

Summer is upon us and with the rise in temperature there is also a rise in the crime rate. Unfortunately, when we go away on vacation, opportunities are presented to criminals. This blog post will provide tips for while you are on vacation and what to do to secure your house before you leave. Here … Continue reading Safety Tips

Travel Tip

Tipping. Check what the custom is before you go! Other customs can be different when it comes to tipping. For example, in Europe you don’t tip on anything. Knowing this can┬ásave you a lot of money! However, also know when to tip! When we go to FL we tip the people at the valet, the … Continue reading Travel Tip