Nassau Bahamas Cruise Port

If you are taking a cruise to the Bahamas and more specifically heading to the port in Nassau, New Providence, this is one scam you should look out for.

Once you get off the boat, you will walk through a little shopping area, which is actually really fun and lively. There is usually live music playing and local artists displaying their work. However, once you leave the shopping area, you will run into locals trying to get you into their cab, saying they can get you to Atlantis, the resort.

If you are on the boat, you know that you have to buy excursion tickets to the Atlantis and if for some reason you didn’t buy them, this will sound very enticing. However, this is a scam. They aren’t trying to hurt you or anything, just take your money.

You can’t get into the Atlantis without a ticket/bracelet and the discounts you get through the cruise are much cheaper than what you will have to pay once you get to the door.

If you take this taxi, you will end up at the hotel with no way to get in. The only way is to spend a lot of money just to walk the grounds.

If you are trying to get to the Atlantis during your cruise, I recommend getting the excursion or if you don’t mind spending money then go for the taxi ride.

Luckily we knew better and turned all of the taxi drivers down, but once we got to a local beach we were talking about it and a couple behind us over heard and told us they fell for it last time they were there. They couldn’t get into the hotel without spending double if not triple what the cruise line offered.


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