Princess Caribbean Cruise

I recently saw a Princess Cruise Line commercial and the tagline was “come back new”. From my experience, any vacation will do this, but I also think this tagline happens to fit my personal experience with Princess cruise lines perfectly. 

Have you ever had a vacation that just changes you in some monumental way? I’ve had 3 different vacations change me, my views and something inside that I can’t quiet explain, but I bet some of you reading this will understand. Each of these vacations being at different stages of my life. (Caribbean, Europe and Hawaii).

My first monumental vacation that changed me was a Princess cruise to the Caribbean. I was 17 years old and had always been quiet and shy, but being in a place where there were activities for “kids” my age, I was able to go to a club and meet people my age. I met other outgoing people, one of which being my long time good friend who I still stay in touch with, and by being around them I became outgoing too. I remember coming home feeling like a different person. My friends even noticed the difference. 

I also got to see beautiful islands that opened my eyes into another way of living. As a self proclaimed beach bum and lover of anything tropical, these islands truly hit a special place in my heart. I got to listen to steel drum bands and reggae music which is now my favorite genre of music! I constantly listen to soca, calypso, dancehall and reggaeton so you can see why these islands secured a special place in my heart and stayed with me even in the cold city of Boston. 

Long story short, I love the new tagline for Princess Cruise Lines.

What vacation changed you? Have you been on a Princess Cruise that made you “come back new?” 

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