Why You Need a AAA Travel Agent

I’m all for booking travel plans online, but I think travel agents still have a huge demand in the industry. Yes, you can book a week long vacation in one location at one hotel, but imagine trying to book a two week vacation where you travel all through Italy, or Spain, or Canada, etc. It’s hard to figure out a good travel itinerary and schedule when you are hitting up 6 towns in two weeks.

For example, I went to Alaska a few years ago and the trip I took back then could not easily be booked online. We went on a two week loop around Alaska and on some days we were in the car for 8 hours getting from one town to another. Sure, if I wanted to take a month to research and figure out  all the towns I wanted to see and then map it out for the most effective route, then book all of the hotels, I could have, but using a AAA travel agent was much easier and smoother.

It’s literally their job to know where to go, what to see and can have itineraries planned quickly and painlessly. They also have connections and can give you discounts that you wouldn’t normally get online. 

I recommend using a travel agent when booking a big vacation where you know you will be traveling from one city to another over an extended period of time. Travel agents are also useful for novice travelers who don’t have much experience! They can recommend cruise lines for your family, locations for the type of activities you want to do and recommend cities you wouldn’t normally think of. Online review sites are great, but you often have to have an location in mind to find what you want. Not with travel agents! They can take a seed of an idea and help.

I do believe that the rumors that travel agents are a “dying bread” are wrong. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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