Travel Tip- What to Carry on the Plane

I will be honest, I don’t travel light and being a woman makes it a little harder to only use a carry-on as we have to pack hair gel, hairspray, makeup and other liquid products.

If you always check your bag too, here is a travel tip I always remember to do:

Pack a small plastic bag of emergency items in your backpack (or whatever you carry onto the plane) just in case your bags gets lost.

For example, I always pack one or two pairs of underwear, a bathing suit, a dress (if I’m going to warm weather), t-shirt and a sweater. If I’m going to colder weather, I will pack an extra pair of jeans. It all fits into a plastic grocery bag if they are all rolled up and it’s nice to know you have back up if your suitcase gets lost.

What other travel tips do you have?

One Comment Add yours

  1. I like to bring a capsule wardrobe of items that mix / match / layer to get a lot of looks out of just a few items. And don’t forget that a lot of products come in dry form, which gives more room in the 3-1-1 bag.

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