Why I Think Travel is So Important and Why I Love It

I’ve never understood those people who say they just aren’t “travelers”. I know everyone has different preferences, but I just grew up traveling so I had no idea how many people don’t really travel outside of their small bubble. It boggled my mind when I started realizing how many of my friends haven’t even been out of a few local states.

I believe that travelling opens your eyes to other cultures. I love learning about other people’s cultures so this just provides first hand experience. Seeing the world allows you to get smarter and it’s also fun! I like seeing things I normally wouldn’t see where I live like glaciers, palm trees, white sand beaches, deserts, even different architectures in houses and buildings! 

Why do you like to travel?

One Comment Add yours

  1. For me, traveling and seeing how, just…BIG the world is and trying to experience everything it has to offer simply makes me feel more alive. Being able to broaden my horizons (while enjoying it) is amazing – something I think everyone should do!

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